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Marvel Dangerous Divas Series 2 Trading Cards Box

USD $ 99.00

Rittenhouse's Marvel Dangerous Divas Series 2 Trading Cards feature the most dangerous, sexiest women of the Marvel Universe! The 72-card base set features art by dozens of artists, and collectors will find Emerald (numbered to 100) and Diamond (numbered to 10) parallel sets. There are also Archive Cuts that feature authentic cut panels from classic Marvel comic books, including Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, Marvel Girl, the Scarlet Witch, the Wasp, and many more of the greatest heroines in Marvel history. Plus, there are five different 9-card bonus sets: Sultry Seductresses, Marvel Women Embossed, Art of Milo Manara, Marvel Originals (with art by Rhiannon Owens), and Marvel Originals Autographed. Then, store your collection in the official binder which comes with an exclusive bonus promo card!.